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Высокотемпературная адгезионная изоляция

High Temperature Adhesive Insulation

Высокотемпературная клейкая изоляционная лента ПЭТ ПИ SH-916

SH-916 high temperature adhesive Insulation can be directly coated with traditional tape coating equipment. The adhesive can be further diluted with the compatible solvent such as methylbenzene, dimetheylbenzene before coating. The advisable working liquid concentration is 35%. The concrete concentration is according to your respective equipment and experience. When using the solvents, please ensure that it is good ventilated and comply with safety precautions and regulations of solvent suppliers.

Описание продукта

SH-916 high temperature adhesive insulation is a dispersible liquid of the polydimethylsiloxane and resin among the methylbenzene, which is highly viscous and has good adhesion. It is a kind of goods with low smoke, non-toxic, no residue, good stability, high temperature resistant, that can be used under 260℃ temperature. It also has the characteristics of excellent weather resistance, moisture resistance and electrical insulation.


Can be used for PET or PI tape

Основные технические данные

 - Appearance: colorless or light yellow semi transparent liquid, no mechanical impurities
 - Diluting agent: methylbenzene/ toluene
 - Viscosity(25℃mm2.S-1): no less than 20000cs
 - Solid content (150℃,2h,%): 60±2
 - Density (25℃): 0.98-1.01
  • Модель: SH-916 High Temperature Adhesive Insulation

  • Мощность поставки: 500 Tons each month

  • Пакет: Be packed in clean, dry iron drums and sealed